The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court - Interactive map

Although the Unified Patent Court is yet to become operational, many changes and debates are underway within the countries that signed the UPC Agreement in order to prepare for the new system. Even in countries which have not signed the agreement, there is still a lot of activity and debate taking place. Our map below provides you with a snapshot on the current situation with the UP/UPC in each EU country and is continually updated by our team of expert patent litigators based across the EU and in all major UPC divisions.

Click on the map below to learn more about each EU country's status in the UP and UPC.

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Netherlands
Bird & Bird UPC contacts by jurisdiction


This map was also contributed to by the following firms, with whom we have a co-operation agreement / close working relationships, and provided us with information on jurisdictions where we do not have an office: Tsvetkova Bebov Partners, Sorainen, Emilianides & Kyriakides Law Office, Sérvulo & Associados, Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates L.P.C., Ellex Valiunas, GVTH Advocate, NNDKP, Jadek & Pensa, and Gassauer-Fleissner Rechtsanwälte Gmb.