Status of ratification

Yes. The agreement was approved in the Portuguese Parliament by Resolution nr. 108/2015 of 10th April and ratified by the Portuguese President of the Republic though the Presidential Decree nr. 90/2016, published on 6th August 2015. According to public information available, Portugal was the eighth country to ratify the agreement.

Local or Regional CFI


Location/Venue of CFI

Lisbon will host both the local division and the Patent Mediation and Arbitration Centre (as well as Ljubljana).

The Rules of Operation of the Mediation and Arbitration Centre approved by Decision of the Administrative Committee of 8 July 2022 shall enter into force on 1st August 2022.


The Administrative Committee's decision lists the following locations for local divisions of the Court of First Instance of the UPC - and the numbers of legally qualified judges to be on the panel at each: in Lisbon, Portugal – 1 Legally Qualified Judge. This decision shall enter into force on 8 July 2022.


No information as yet.

UP/UPC implementing legislation

The Portuguese Industrial Property Code was amended in December, 2018: the UP/UPC regime was not expressly adopted by this legislation.

Other UP matters of interest 

Portugal signed the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities (PPI) in June 2016.

*Information for this country provided by Ana Rita Paínho and Mariana Costa Pinto of Sérvulo & Associados