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It wasn't a swap so much as a decision just to change tack, travel and see where I ended up! I took up a chance invite to visit Marrakech with an ex-girlfriend. Love blossomed, we bought a brothel (to convert into a boutique hotel) and the rest is history, as they say!

Grant Powell (1987-2006) Owner of the Riad Assakina, Morroco

Claudia Vedit

One key challenge is the digital market combined with data protection. There is a lot of uncertainty from an in-house point of view, there are a lot of challenges around resourcing perspective. There is always so much to do and financial resources are always limited - we have to find ways of being as efficient as possible and embracing the available technology.

Claudia Vincenzi Legal Consultant

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The most exciting thing about working at Nokia is having the opportunity to do things I would never even have thought of. It's surprising where you end up!

Adrian Howes (2005-2011) Head of IP and Standards at Nokia

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What's certain is that the challenges will never be the same so there'll never be a moment where I'll be able to rest on my laurels and feel that the job is done.

Clemens Heusch (2004-2008) Global Head of Dispute Resolution at Nokia

gabriel kobus Module

Perhaps contrary to popular belief among lawyers, uncertainty is not always a challenge but rather a blank canvas ready to be painted by yourself. Motivational quotes aside I really do think there is an advantage to leaving things to chance at times, and when I decided I wanted to change jobs I promised myself that I had to give myself some time to reconsider what I wanted to spend my time on. My colleagues at Bird & Bird were extremely supportive of my decision and that gave me the courage to trust in my abilities.

Gabriel Kobus (2019-2020) Head of Legal at Wikifactory

Julia Broecher

I made a drastic shift from providing expert advice to leading a team of experts, and then the pandemic happened. It’s had a huge impact on tourism, but I’m already seeing a greater appreciation for travel. There was already some consolidation before the pandemic, and I feel that COVID-19 has just worked as a catalyst to the existing changes in the travel industry. I’m really looking forward to what’s next.

Julia Bröcher (2006-2010) General Counsel at AIDA Cruises

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