Status of ratification

Yes. Denmark ratified on 20 June 2014.

Local or Regional CFI 

Local. The Danish Parliament has agreed to establish a local CFI in Denmark.

Location/Venue of CFI

The Venue of the CFI is located at the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court on Amaliegade 35, 2nd floor in 1256 Copenhagen K. The court has begun hiring the first employees in May 2022.


The panel will consist of one Danish judge and two foreign judges from the pool.


Danish and English.

UP/UPC implementing legislation

After the Danish ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court the Danish Act on the Unified Patent Court etc. was adopted (Danish Act no. 551 of 2 June 2014). The Act amends parts of the Danish Administration of Justice Act, the Danish Patent Act and the Danish Utility Models Act. The Act comes into effect on the date it is decided by the Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. The Date has not been decided yet, presumably because the Minister is awaiting ratification from the other states before deciding on a date.

Other UP matters of interest 

As a consequence of the result of the Danish referendum on the Danish attendance to the UP and the UPC on 25 May 2014 Denmark ratified the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court on 20 June 2014. Denmark is currently awaiting the ratification by other states before the agreement enters into force.

Denmark signed the UPC Agreement's Protocol on provisional application (PPA) in October 2015 and signed the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities (PPI) in June 2016.

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