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Tech and Digital Solutions

The right tools and right skills, delivered at the right time. From off-the-shelf to completely bespoke, our LegalTech and Digital Solutions are designed to meet your unique needs.

We have custom-made workflow management tools for franchise renewals, turned to AI to streamline contract review; and built client 'self-serve' tools for hot topics such as NIS2.

So whether you need improved efficiency and transparency, process automation, or workflow refinements, we’ll guide you through our suite of offerings, cherry-picking the right digital solutions for you.

Explore our tools and find out how we’ve helped a range of clients below.


By automating the review and analysis of bidder responses, our outsourcing tool “Evaluate” does the heavy lifting for you.

Due Diligence

Using Luminance to combine the computing power of artificial intelligence with a hands-on review of documents, meaning a more efficient process.

E-Discovery/E-Document Review

Using dedicated digital forensics and e-discovery tools to ensure seamless and efficient handling of your data.

SCC Generator

Automating the production of EU Standard Contractual Clauses and condensing the process of producing these complex modular data transfer agreements.

NIS2 Tool

Our NIS2 tool has been designed to allow you to determine whether you are likely to be subject to the NIS2 Directive obligations through an interactive questionnaire.

Risk and Compliance Scanner

Our Risk and Compliance Scanner (RCS) will help you better understand the legal challenges faced by your organisation.

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