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Simplifying the ESG regulatory landscape

Organisations are undergoing a fundamental shift towards a more sustainable way of operating. With increasing pressure from stakeholders and developing legal requirements, you need to be able to demonstrate your ESG progress and compliance.

Are you compliant with the upcoming regulatory requirements in ESG? How can you change the way you do things to become a good global citizen? How can you create innovative sources of stakeholder value as part of the shift to a more sustainable future? These are all questions companies are having to ask themselves as pressure to be more sustainable comes from both internal and external stakeholders.

Our ESG Navigator tool helps you address that first and often most important question on regulatory compliance. It allows you to quickly simplify, identify, assess and address ESG regulations and directives that affect your business:


Find a comprehensive regulatory library of ESG laws relevant to your business, ensuring you’ll have a thorough understanding of the legal landscape.


Answer simple questions and unlock a tailored list of potentially applicable ESG laws for your organisation. No more searching blindly or missing crucial regulations.


Gain immediate insights into the potential impact of each regulation on your firm. Enabling you to mitigate risks proactively and plan strategically.


Save valuable time and connect with Bird & Bird’s leading ESG specialists, who can provide you with expert guidance on these regulations.

By using the ESG Navigator, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure adherence to evolving regulations, safeguarding your reputation, and avoiding costly penalties.

You’ll also streamline your legal workflow by eliminating hours of research. Finally, gain the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions, contributing to sustainable growth and positive impact.

Reach out to one of the team to find out more.

ESG Navigator Tool

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