Coordinating patent litigation strategy for complex litigation projects

In partnership with a leading legal technology provider, we developed a next generation legal project management and client collaboration platform – Fibonacci. 

What is Fibonacci?

Fibonacci provides clients with real time access to key project and matter information at any time. It provides full transparency over all workstreams involved in the delivery of a matter, real-time updates, document sharing, collaboration, and clear financial tracking. The platform fully integrates with legacy and new technology systems. So you have full visibility of the ‘big picture’, and the granular details, all in one place.

What was the issue?

Managing patent litigation projects across jurisdictions can be difficult to coordinate effectively. Our client wanted to keep key stakeholders up to date on progress whilst coordinating its litigation strategy and working with local counsel in 25 different locations. Their three major pain points were:

  • Maintaining complete oversight over litigation deadlines and key events across all jurisdictions;
  • Reducing time spent keeping key stakeholders updated on progress via email and conference calls;
  • Improving document accessibility, security, and version control.

How did we help?

Managing deadlines: The platform’s timeline feature allowed all stakeholders to access an events timeline, identify clashes, and manage resourcing. Having a single source of information allowed the lawyers to align their project objectives and have visibility of all critical events, so the client was better informed of progress.

Seamless communications: platform’s progress updates allowed everyone to provide a running log of how the project was advancing. This relieved the administrative burden and allowed communication to be clearer.

Document collaboration: The platform’s drive feature made documents easy to store and organise, whilst the check-in and check-out document versions gave everyone confidence that they were using the latest version. 

How can this tool help you?

Our platform is designed to streamline communication across large, multi-jurisdictional projects. It allows you to view information and documents in real time, so you can follow updates as and when they happen. It relieves the administrative burden of sending countless emails, and reduces the risk of missing information in the process. Ensuring transparency to all involved and giving you the confidence that your project is managed seamlessly.

For more information on how our team can develop a bespoke solution for you, contact [email protected].