Informing commercial decisions via an interactive multi-jurisdictional comparison tool

We provide clients with tailored guidance across multiple jurisdictions, enabling them to navigate complex legal landscapes effectively. During these projects, it is important for the client to have visibility on the progress of each jurisdiction. The clients want the results to be interactive, user friendly and effective. Our digital solution enables this.

What was the issue?

Our client faced a common dilemma: tracking project progress and comparing legal advice across various jurisdictions. Traditional methods, such as Word or Excel documents, often hindered quick information retrieval and posed challenges when analysing multiple regions on specific topics.

How did we help?

Project Visibility: We introduced project management features within our digital platform. Clients could access a task list, complete with assignments and real-time status updates. Additionally, a Gantt chart visually tracked progress, ensuring transparency and confidence in project status.

Custom Comparison Guide: Going beyond conventional approaches, we established an online database for legal advice. Here, we created a custom multi-jurisdictional comparison guide tailored to the client’s specific needs. By selecting relevant countries and topics, the client gained immediate access to pertinent information, streamlining decision-making.

We collaborated effectively due to the smooth communication via status updates within our platform which facilitated seamless interactions. The client could log in anytime to monitor project progress.

How can this tool help you?

After our legal advice delivery, the multi-jurisdictional comparison tool remains accessible to clients. They can easily retrieve relevant information, ensuring compliance and informed decision-making, without needing to seek legal advice every time. Helping you navigate legal complexities with confidence.

For more information on how our team can develop a bespoke solution for you, contact [email protected].