Reporting legal risk across a corporate structure via interactive dashboards

We advised on a large employment and compliance project that needed a digital solution to create risk reports more easily. 

What was the issue?

The parent company of this large aviation client wanted to evaluate the legal employment risk across their organisation. With multiple departments of employees in different subsidiaries, the in-house counsel often found the legal advice provided by law firms to be missing an overview of employment risk across the entire organisation. Traditional legal advice is often delivered in a static format– it is content heavy and difficult to navigate. The client wanted a better digital and interactive solution.

How did we help?

We’ve developed a digital report for risk and compliance. Our platform allows users to complete questionnaires via an online form, and the answers are stored in a central database. We also provide a digital reporting dashboard that is interactive with the ability to drill down to results. Our platform features an interactive homepage that navigates to specific legislation. As a result, the client can find information on specific subsidiaries easily. This improves the efficiency and quality of risk reporting.

How can this tool help you?

The experience in analysing the legal advice we provide is interactive and user-friendly. Our platform stores questionnaire answers centrally and assigns them to an indicative risk rating. A digitalised reporting dashboard gives an overall picture of the entire organisation to manage employment risk, with a modern and interactive client experience.

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