Risk & Compliance Scanner

Risk and compliance are a constant that every business needs to stay ahead of. Cutting through the complexity and uncovering your blind spots is crucial. 

Whether you’re ramping up for post-closing due diligence, taking on a new role in Management, Legal or Compliance, or want to improve existing processes, our Risk and Compliance Scanner (RCS) will help you better understand the legal challenges faced by your organisation and allocate budget to where it’s most needed.

The RCS has a database of almost 900 risk-related questions, covering all major risk areas from Antitrust to Tax. Its structured reporting provides a clear overview of the key risks you face, from final reports for legal staff, to visual reports for management. This means that all your stakeholders can confidently understand the impact of each risk area on your business, how it can be mitigated, and when to allocate budget to do so.

The tool is scalable to match the breadth and depth of your business. It seamlessly integrates with our Relationship Portal, so your team can easily access the reporting at any time. It can be tailored to include alerts and reminders, saving you time on keeping everyone up to date.

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Risk & Compliance Scanner: Turning risks into opportunities

Better understand the legal challenges faced by your organisation with our RCS tool

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