Streamlining operations to manage legal matters efficiently

We’ve created an intuitive form for submitting legal instructions. This streamlined process ensures that instructions reach us promptly with all the relevant information.

This gives clients access to a comprehensive knowledge hub of content, including videos, FAQ articles, and template documents. It’s a personalised one-stop resource for all legal queries.

What was the issue?

One of our clients had issues with communications on legal advice specifically relating to data privacy.

Often, instructions lacked clarity or essential details. Email communication, lacking a standardised structure, added to the complexity. Similar instructions from multiple entities led to redundant legal advice efforts. Without a robust reporting mechanism, tracking legal counsel activities across various entities remained a challenge.

How did we help?

We’ve transformed the way legal instructions are handled.

Our new smart form captures information upfront. Standardised templates with the smart forms ensure consistency, and automated notifications keep our legal team informed and responsive.

Our Data Privacy Knowledge Hub empowered them to find answers quickly, saving costs and streamlining the process.

The client had access to Instructions, knowledge, and responses all on our platform. This data-driven approach allowed our process optimisation team to suggest improvements and impactful content.

How can this tool help you?

Clearer instructions and central access to all the information you need means less time wasted on basic queries. Allowing our team to focus on providing valuable legal advice.

Data insights drive process enhancements, reducing repeated requests and maximising efficiency.

For more information on how our team can develop a bespoke solution for you, contact