Asia Pacific is a large and diverse region spanning many countries at differing stages of development. It boasts some of the largest countries by population and GDP and the eyes of the world are looking to the East as a frontier for growth. Doing business in Asia Pacific can throw up challenges, but the rewards are there for those who succeed.

Enterprises entering the region for the first time need a reliable and experienced set of hands to help them navigate the process whilst those who are already established seek commercial minds to support them in developing their businesses. No matter what stage of their journey our client is at, they benefit from our multi jurisdictional knowledge and deep industry expertise to support them with all their legal requirements.

We have been guiding our clients in Asia Pacific for over twenty five years, helping them to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape to achieve their business goals. During this time we have established a network of offices and now have teams in the key business centres of Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore* and Sydney. We support our clients in other jurisdictions through our extensive network of trusted law firms many of whom we have worked with for a considerable time.

Our full service offering across the region is provided by a team of over 180 highly qualified and multi-lingual lawyers, many of whom have worked in industry, allowing us to advise with an understanding of the environment in which our clients operate.

For further information on our Asia Pacific offering, please contact Justin Walkey.


*global association with Bird & Bird ATMD LLP

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