A round-up of our global ESG and sustainability articles

Across all sectors, companies are making a significant commitment to sustainable business and the protection of resources. Harnessing environmental, social and governance (ESG) values can bring tangible benefits to clients, as well as financial returns.

We have put together a round-up of our content across the globe. Click through to see how ESG is impacting the legal landscape and driving change and innovation across our practices and sectors.

Aviation & Aerospace
Energy & Utilities
Hotels, Hospitality and Leisure
Life Sciences and Healthcare
Retail & Consumer
Tech & Comms
Competition & EU Law
Finance & Financial Regulation
International Projects and Procurement
Regulatory & Administrative


Automotive & Sustainability Online Survey 

Bundestag debates fast-charging law

Fast-charging law on the road

Competition vs. environment: City of Prague violated competition law in connection with the rules for parking hybrid vehicles

Stimulus Policy to Make China NEV Market Great Again

Bird & Bird & Energy: Electric vehicle charging in the UK

New European vehicle CO2 emissions performance standards and opportunities for manufacturers of electric vehicles

Moving to Greener Pastures: Developments in the market for Electric Vehicles in Singapore

Contractual and liability issues regarding the rollout of electric vehicle charge points in Europe

Legal challenges facing manufacturers of electric vehicles in Europe

Energy Storage & Focus on Electric Vehicles

Aviation & Aerospace

Bill to tackle emissions from planes and illegal drone use receives royal assent

UK lays draft Carbon Budget Order 2021 before parliament incorporating UK’s share of international aviation emissions in the new ambitious target

UK Government consultation on the environmental objectives for regulating spaceflight activities under the Space Industry Act 2018

CORSIA UK Implementation Part I: monitoring, reporting and verification

State aid and sustainability: what does the future hold for aviation?

Sustainable finance in aviation: what does the future hold?

Cross-border: How COVID-19 could affect the aviation industry’s commitments to CORSIA

Cross border: COVID-19 and aviation emissions: what next for CORSIA?

UK: The Court of Appeal and the Third Runway: how the enforcement of climate change commitments grounded Heathrow’s plans for expansion

International aviation & climate change: the UK's net-zero emissions proposition

Electric propulsion of aircraft: market update

Aircraft investments: a case for ESG certification?

CORSIA - A global market-based measure to offset growth in aviation emissions

Four key strategies for overcoming carbon challenges in the Aviation industry

International Civil Aviation Organisation's historic agreement to curb CO2 emissions


Bird & Bird becomes pro-bono partner of FEDORA to support sustainability, equality and digital transformation in performing arts

The new investment reality: Why ESG matters

National Recovery & Resilience Plans

London & the environment

Environmental Industries Commission

Energy Efficiency Trends Report 2021

Energy & Utilities

Carbon Tax and Contractual Implications for Businesses in Singapore

Onsite PPA: Perspectives from key ASEAN economies

Revision of the guidelines for Climate, Energy and Environmental State Aid

SACE - Green New Deal

IP in the UK’s Wind Energy Sector

Measures to promote the implementation of new wind farms

Flash Info - “Place au soleil” call for expressions of interest

The business of hydrogen: A focus on Canada-Germany

Energy Storage - Building a Bankable Project

Driving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Property Portfolios

Corporate PPAs: An international perspective - 2020/2021 Edition

EEG 2021 & More - German Renewable Energy Sources Act 2021 Video Series

Anatomy of a Singapore Corporate PPA

Singapore Announces Pilot Trial for a Floating Energy Storage System (ESS), and a Roadmap for ESS Deployment Beyond 2020

An Update on Singapore’s Adoption of Hydrogen

Energy Storage: 2020 Update

Singapore: Update on Energy Digitalisation

Review of the impact of The Feed-in Tariffs (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Order 2020 on UK FIT projects

Middle East Energy update – the sun continues to shine even in the midst of adversity

Legislating for the age of renewables

Digitalisation maturity across the energy value chain

ENERGY and CLIMATE Act is published in France

Clean Energy Package & Digitalisation

Clean energy for all Europeans - An overview

Clean energy package & digitalisation

UAE Energy Strategy 2050

Collaborative Offsite PPA Structures for Renewable Energy Buyers

New laws regulating waste in Singapore to be introduced this year

Bird & Bird & Heat Decarbonisation policy in the UK

Hotels, Hospitality and Leisure

2021: the year sustainability moves to the top of the agenda for stakeholders in the hotel industry?

Sustainability Webinar - “How will your business change for the new landscape?”

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Innovation in the plant proteins space: regulatory environment and launch strategies for plant-based foods in Europe

Retail & Consumer

Luxury Law Summit: We host a panel session on sustainability and are named Luxury Law Firm of the Year

Retail & Consumer Sustainability Survey Report

Make sure it's fresh and clear – The HCA’s guidelines on environmental claims

How can luxury brands respond to the re-prioritisation of values being led by consumers?

Sustainability in the supply chain

Green Advertising Webinar

How can luxury brands respond to the re-prioritisation of values being led by consumers?

Tech & Comms

Singapore: Data Centres in 2021

State aid – Green Deal and Digitalisation in a challenging year 2021

Competition & EU Law

CMA launches Green Claim Code

Waste-recycling sector under scrutiny in two abuse of dominant position proceedings in Italy

Competition law and public procurement – one cannot do without the other or potentially diverging rules

UK Vertical Agreement Block Exemption Order (VABEO): A cautious refresher

UK CMA publishes guidance on sustainability claims

Dutch regulator publishes final Guidelines regarding Sustainability Claims

Revised guidelines of Dutch competition authority confirm more leeway for environmental sustainability initiatives

Looking ahead: Key trends in Competition & EU law for 2021

Outlook: Sustainability and competition law in 2021

State aid – Green Deal and Digitalisation in a challenging year 2021

Developments in innovation, data sharing and pricing algorithms – Outlook for 2021

A competitive approach to achieving Green Deal goals

The UK CMA investigates misleading environmental claims

Dutch competition authority offers more leeway for environmental sustainability initiatives

The FCA’s contribution to the fight against climate change

Is it all going down the drain? The risks and opportunities of making environmental-related marketing claims

Finance & Financial Regulation

ESG – The X Factor for Sustainable Financing

Sustainability Financing - Singapore Market Update

How the grass can be greener in Singapore: green lending in Asia Pacific

Sustainability – base level for financial products, not a bonus. Market adapting to increased investor demand and recent regulatory changes


Constructing assets: on innovations, challenges and solutions

UK: Sweet Dream or a Logistical Nightmare?

International Projects and Procurement

Public Procurement & Sustainability webinar

Regulatory & Administrative

Modern slavery and Ethical, Social and Corporate Governance: The advantages to businesses in doing the right thing

Shifting attitudes towards single use plastic in the UAE

The proposed Ecodesign-regulations and "the right to repair"

German Packaging Act 2019: higher hurdles for commercialization, lower environmental impact of waste?


Carbon Tax Management Strategies for Businesses in Singapore

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