Legislating for the age of renewables

By Dr. Matthias Lang


Matthias Lang explores the role the legal sector is playing in the global energy transition, including how regulation can act as a technology innovation enabler.

During his participation in the Asia Clean Energy Summit in Singapore (ACES) in 2019 Matthias Lang was invited to record a podcast for the “DNV GL Talks Energy” series.

In the ‘DNV GL Talks Energy’ podcast series, DNV GL publishes a new episode each week focusing on how electrification, the rise of renewables and new technologies supported by more data and IT systems are transforming the power system.

Together with Mathias Steck, Matthias Lang discusses the role of the legal sector in the global energy transition and how regulation can act as a technology innovation enabler. To meet the 2030 goals of the Paris Agreement, entrepreneurs, lawyers and regulators need to work together to introduce global change. With the energy industry being a highly regulated industry, these regulations are not necessarily barriers in the energy transition but can be seen as guidelines and enablers for new technologies. Since the climate crisis is a global crisis, most countries have an interest in addressing the issues and developing policies to reduce CO2 emissions. While countries should work together if they can, it is also beneficial to have diversity among the approaches countries take to introduce new policies. As a firm, Bird & Bird is advising governments, public and private entities as well as individuals on various aspects of the energy transition.

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