ECSPR - Crowdfunding regulation applies as of today

The time has come! As of today, 10 November 2021, the Crowdfunding Regulation ((EU) 2020/1503 - European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation - "ECSPR") applies.

In a small series we had reported on the regulations of the ECSPR. An overview of our reports from the series on the start of the applicability of the ECSPR can be found here:

  1. Scope of application of theECSPRand the authorisation requirement for crowdfunding service providers
  2. Ongoing requirements for crowdfunding service providers and their conduct obligations
  3. Treatment of crypto-tokensunder the ECSPR
  4. Structures of crowdfunding platforms previously found in Germany under the ECSPR
  5. Money laundering obligations of a swarm financing service provider
  6. Design of the basic investment information sheet

Do you have questions about becoming a crowdfunding service provider?

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