Your products, services and, ultimately, your brand are your most valuable assets. They convey identity, ethos and value. However, reputation is fragile and consumer loyalty, whilst hard won, is easily lost. Consumer brands need to maximise commercial opportunities but protect against risk.

At Bird & Bird we understand retail and consumer brands. We support businesses across sectors including hotels and leisure, food and beverage, luxury, fashion and retail, and wellness. Our industry knowledge is unparalleled and we work flexibly and creatively, as your needs dictate. We find brands in one sector often benefit from our knowledge and experience in another. Like you, we benefit from exchanging ideas and thinking differently.

Increasingly savvy consumers expect ethical and sustainable supply chains and a seamless omni-channel experience, combined with a highly personalised level of service and brand interaction. The reality of the online world means your business has global reach. You constantly need to innovate to meet consumer demands and maximise your growth potential.

We can identify the challenges and help you overcome them. We understand the opportunities and help you realise them. It all starts with a conversation.

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