The Metaverse

At its heart a “Metaverse” is a virtual world offering a more immersive and integrated online experience.

This world can take various forms – a video game environment seamlessly incorporating gaming, chat, e-commerce, and other features, whilst also offering players the opportunity to enjoy “real-world” experiences, like a live music performances, all in one place.

From blockchain-based games that incorporate NFTs to transform the play-to-earn model, or developing ground-breaking approaches to surgery in the medical field, the Metaverse opens up a range of opportunities across a number of industries.

However, those looking to launch a new Metaverse project need to understand the legal implications involved and develop creative solutions to them. Which countries will be engaging with this new virtual world? Does it comply with local legal requirements? If looking to create an experience or world within a Metaverse, what is the underlying technology used and how does it work? Are there any intellectual property or consumer protection issues to consider?

Our sector-focused approach means we have a strong understanding of how to unlock the potential of the Metaverse across industries, as well as how to address the novel issues presented by it. We delve into these in the video series below , which are designed to provide an overview of some of the legal issues to bear in mind across a number of legal practice areas when getting your project off the ground. We’ve also consolidated our Metaverse articles, updates and other content from across our international network so that you can easily stay up to date with the latest developments that are relevant to you.

If you’d like to know more, reach out to one of the team below.

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