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International Supply Chain and Logistics

Our society has never been more connected. Your business relies on a network of storage, communications, and transport to ensure that your goods get to your customers.

This network should make things easier, quicker, and more reliable, but it is also fragile in the wrong hands and requires expert care. At Bird & Bird, we understand the challenges that businesses and supply chains regularly face. What does the logistics network of the future look like? How will you offer a sustainable and ethical supply chain without compromising quality, profit, and delivery times? What impact will political changes have on your supply chain? How will you balance the pressure for space in high-demand locations? In an increasingly ‘smart’ world, who owns the data collated at each stage of the logistics process, and how can it be used to make improvements?

We help businesses mitigate and manage these supply chain risks by advising on: 

  • Commercial contracts with manufacturers and warehousing and logistics providers;
  • The procurement and implementation of technology solutions and sustainability initiatives;
  • The acquisition, leasing, asset management and disposal of the property interests in warehouses and distribution centres;
  • Changes of use, for example from retail to logistics hubs or warehousing;
  • The construction of logistics hubs and distribution centres, whether that is to specification or speculatively; and
  • Compliance with regulatory, tax and customs regimes.

We work with people and businesses like you, all over the world, every day. Our advice helps refine business strategies, and we help negotiate arrangements that forge commercial relationships for years to come. Whatever you are planning, we can help. It all starts with a conversation.

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