With the beginning of the new decade, megatrends such as new mobility concepts, sustainability and technology transformation increasingly continue to lead to new legal and regulatory challenges in major infrastructure projects. At the same time, they are offering opportunities for the next wave of big investments supported by the public sector, sponsors and financial institutions. 

Whether you are an operator, a public entity, a private company or a financier, our dedicated infrastructure projects team will guide you through the changing market environment. We combine extensive experience across the full range of traditional, smart and technology-driven projects with technical know-how in the most critical infrastructure sectors to help you achieve successful outcomes on time and budget. 

All-around infrastructure projects advice

Your project runs smoothest when all legal and regulatory aspects of its lifecycle are duly covered and managed. With experts in all key areas of law, we are a one-stop-shop to support you at every stage of your infrastructure projects, from the planning and development to the requiring, funding and delivering stages. We collaborate both across our international network and with other professional advisers of all disciplines to ensure you have the necessary skills at your disposal. Our expert team will make sure that your projects: 

  • are planned and structured correctly from a corporate law, bankability and investment perspective; 
  • obtain official permits and approvals;
  • meet all the regulatory requirements of the affected industries;
  • are guided through the procurement process;
  • are protected against legal risks covered in contracts; 
  • reflect the requirements of bank and non-bank lenders; 
  • take account of the political, competition and state aid framework;
  • have no potential for significant consequences where there is a late delivery or a post-completion defect; 
  • fulfill post-completion operation and maintenance requirements.

Guiding through the transformation by technology 

Technology transforms our clients’ businesses in all sectors our lawyers advise whether linked with energy, telecommunications, transport, defense or other.

Properly utilised and integrated technology is the key to the success of many infrastructure projects. We help both traditional players in traditional sectors and new entrants through the changing landscape of such sectors as well as in new digital and smart infrastructure projects. If you are planning to introduce digital products or need to manage a large amount of data, our leading experts in data and technology can help you integrate the best technical solutions as your project progresses.  

Our experts assist on project development and project finance stage to close infrastructure deals across continents. Moreover our deep knowledge of the banking system together with our connections in the market may help in finding the right financial structure for the deal taking into account all the opportunities offered by the financial market.



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The new investment reality: Why ESG matters – Co-hosted event with GHD Advisory and ITP Energised

Live virtual event which discussed how companies can address ESG factors in their decision-making process and the ESG risks associated with investments. The event gave some great insights on how to tackle current and future climate risks on businesses and get a practical take (including stakeholder engagement, capacity building and standardisation) on procurement techniques, sustainable financing structures and responsible investing into and by organisations (including organisations investing in their own ESG supply chain solutions).

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EEG 2021 & More - It's done - for now

We will be talking about the new Renewable Energy Sources Act - the EEG 2021 - which finally went through the parliamentary process: After amendments to the original draft, the Bundestag passed the bill after second and third readings on 17 December 2020. One day later, the final bill was approved by the Bundesrat, so the EEG will be entering into force on 01 January 2021. But apart from the parliamentary steps, what are the final elements of the bill and which specific goals sets the EEG 2021? This video will guide you through this, giving a status update as well as a brief summary of all changes and taking a closer look on the state aid reservation.

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EEG 2021 & More - Grid expansion

In our first two videos we have had a first look at the update of the Renewable Energy Sources Act, we checked the status of the parliamentary procedure and discussed targets of various expansion paths. Today we are talking about the grid expansion, clarifying changes on the Bundesbedarfsplangesetz, examining further procedures and explaining revisions of further statutes for accelerate permitting and the use of established corridors for supplementary use.

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EEG 2021 & More - Expansion paths

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We’d like to present to you our new video series as the German Federal Cabinet on 23 September cleared two important legislative proposals: Bill to overhaul the Renewalbe Energy Sources Act (EEG 2021), no surprisingly covering renewable energy, and Bill to update the Federal Requirement Plan Act (Bundesbedarfsplangesetz) to upgrade the power grids.

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