Major infrastructure projects underpin global growth - some $70 trillion will be spent across the world on infrastructure investments in the next decade.

The uncertainties and risks inherent in major projects, and the need to drive behavioural change as well as deliver cutting-edge technical solutions, mean success is measured by operational outcomes - not by the number of contracts reviewed or where blame is placed.

Whether you're an operator, public entity, private company or financier, you'll benefit from our deep industry knowledge and expertise in infrastructure. Our combined expertise in airports, ports, energy, communications, rail, road and industrial infrastructure projects, procurement and the field of technology provides us with a unique ability to guide and support you in this sector - which is being constantly changed by the digital world.

Transformation by technology

Properly utilised and integrated tech is the key to the success of many infrastructure projects – but achieving that is a challenge when the pace of technological change is so fast. How are you going to build in enough flexibility to facilitate integration of the best technical solutions as your project progresses?

We're well placed to help you crack this thanks to our unique focus on technology coupled with our global team's deep expertise in industries requiring, funding or delivering infrastructure projects. Our experience in procurement, and in areas of increasing importance such as cyber law, data protection and digital marketing, means we can help you lead the way in this fast-paced, rapidly changing sector.

Environment and stakeholder participation

Infrastructure projects affect their environment. Managing the environmental impact and stakeholder input is key to ensuring the project completes successfully and on time. We structure and moderate permitting and procurement and, where necessary, litigate differing positions.

Our Infrastructure Group has exceptional experience of helping those involved in major projects to achieve successful outcomes.

We draw on our experience to define the new ways of working we believe really deliver. Our success using these new approaches, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients, suggests they are extremely effective.

You'll benefit from our specialist lawyers' real estate, construction, procurement, permitting, regulatory and commercial experience, unparalleled technical knowledge and our creative approach to solving your problems.

Benefit from our network

Your project runs smoothest when everyone is on the same page – we collaborate across our office network as well as with other professional advisers of all disciplines to ensure you have the necessary skills at your disposal on major projects which:

  • comprise technically complex engineering;
  • require creative procurement solutions;
  • work within the regulatory requirements of the affected industries;
  • take due account of the political, competition and state aid framework;
  • have the potential for significant consequences where there is late delivery or a post-completion defect; and/or
  • have post-completion operation and maintenance requirements.
All of these matters are critically important to any major infrastructure project.

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