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I am a lawyer for intellectual property, copyright and industry-specific regulation - with a key focus on games, advertising and digital entertainment.

I support providers of games, social media, music and video content in the legal and strategic implementation of their ideas. Hence, I advise on the legal design and defense of digital products in intellectual property and copyright law. This practice includes, for example, digital rights management in games & metaverse, liability issues on user-generated content, the design of a legal framework for new platforms or the in-game distribution of digital goods, for example carried by NFTs. Furthermore, I support our clients in media regulatory matters, such as media, youth protection and gambling law, as well as content moderation. I regularly publish articles on these topics.

Another focus of my practice is advertising and free speech law, in particular for companies from the life science and consumer goods sectors. Here, I support our clients in these regulated industries on advertising claims and on marketing campaigns in social networks, such as scientifically substantiated health advertising, influencer marketing or sweepstakes. I also advise companies in cases of false reporting and on corporate communications in PR crises.

Furthermore, I provide support in copyright and licensing issues relating to consumer products, such as the protectability of designs, licensing chains and claims for additional remuneration ("best-seller clause").

I regularly represent our clients in the court proceedings on intellectual property and copyright matters.


  • Legal studies at University of Würzburg, with a special focus on European law and Intellectual Property Law.
  • Accompanying studies in European Law, 'European Lawyer' (Univ. Würzburg)
  • Doctoral thesis in Würzburg on comparative advertising law (EU/Germany).
  • Legal clerkship in Frankfurt/Hanau (Court of Appeal Frankfurt/District Court of Hanau).


  • German bar (2019)

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