Reports of Trade Mark Cases for CIPA November 2020

By Katharine Stephens, Ciara Hughes, Aaron Hetherington, Charlotte Peacock, Bryony Gold, Alexander Grigg, Sophie Stoneham, Theo Cooper, Lauren Goulden, Emma Ikpe, Charlotte Addley, Stephen Allen, Robert Milligan, William Wortley, Louise O'Hara


In this month’s report, we look at the High Court’s decision in Sazerac Brands, LLC & Anr v Liverpool Gin Distillery Ltd & Anr [2020] EWHC 2424 (Ch), where Fancourt J rules on the likelihood of confusion and unfair advantage relating to a premium product. We also report on the distinctiveness of signs applied to specific goods in Aktiebolaget Östgötatrafiken v Patent- och registreringsverket (CJ; C 456/19) and summarise the findings on the likelihood of confusion in Decathlon v EUIPO; Athlon Custom Sportswear PC (T-349/19).

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