Bird & Bird ESG Academy

The Bird & Bird ESG Academy is a dedicated training program designed for students hosted by Bird & Bird law firm. Its aim is to educate and deepen knowledge related to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) matters. Our initiative not only seeks to disseminate knowledge but also to provide practical insights into how ESG issues translate into legal and business practices.

What is ESG, and why is it an important initiative?

"ESG" is an abbreviation formed from the first letters of the English words: "Environmental", signifying the Natural Environment / Environmental Protection; "Social", denoting Society / Human Capital / Social Issues; and "Governance", representing Corporate Governance. This encompasses a threefold perspective whereby businesses assess their actions and impact on the environment in general, including the natural environment, manage relationships with society, and conduct corporate affairs ethically and sustainably.

In today's world, ESG has moved beyond mere theory and has become a key element of business strategies and approaches to effective and sustainable organizational management. Companies that focus on ESG not only enhance their commitment to environmental protection but also build trust among their clients and other stakeholders, reduce risks (ESG serves as a powerful tool for risk management within organizations), foster innovation, and enhance competitiveness compared to other entities.

The values embodied in ESG reflect the growing expectations of society and capital markets for businesses to operate responsibly, taking into account environmental, social, and governance aspects. The Bird & Bird ESG Academy is a place where participants can delve into this critical subject matter and prepare themselves to assume leadership roles in the fields of sustainable business development and law.

What does the Bird & Bird ESG Academy offer?

The Bird & Bird ESG Academy program provides a unique opportunity for students studying law, journalism, political science, marketing, economics, finance, accounting, and related fields to explore the latest ESG trends and practices and see how these issues manifest in the legal and business spheres. This program enables participants to grasp a comprehensive approach to sustainable development, covering environmental, social, and governance aspects, while also encouraging active participation in discussions, developing analytical skills, and building relationships with key industry professionals.

Within the framework of the Bird & Bird ESG Academy program, there will be 16 substantive meetings, which constitute the heart of the Academy. During these meetings participants will delve into ESG topics under the guidance of experienced practitioners, including Bird & Bird lawyers and experts.

It is important to us that these lectures and sessions are inspiring. Our experts will share their ESG knowledge, its impact on legal and business environments, and discuss the challenges and trends associated with implementing sustainable development strategies within organizations. We aim not only to provide knowledge but also to inspire active engagement and the creation of positive changes in both business and law.

Active participation in discussions during lectures and case study workshops is important to us. We do not want participants to be mere spectators. We believe that active dialogue, the exchange of perspectives, and brainstorming sessions will facilitate a better understanding and absorption of ESG concepts, while also fostering personal growth in this area. We create a space where each participant can contribute their insights and create inspiring solutions that may influence the future of business and law in the context of sustainable development.

The Bird & Bird ESG Academy also offers networking opportunities. We strive to ensure that each meeting is an opportunity to establish and deepen connections with fellow participants, as well as with lecturers and guest speakers at lectures and workshops. Developing a network is an integral part of our Academy, providing participants with the chance to build relationships with professionals from various fields and industries, which can yield numerous benefits both professionally and personally.

Our goal is to create lasting connections that not only support development in the field of ESG but also open doors to inspiring projects and career opportunities in the world of sustainable development.


For each participant, we offer the opportunity to obtain a certificate confirming completion of the Bird & Bird ESG Academy. The requirements for obtaining these certificates include participating in at least 14 substantive meetings and completing a final written paper. For selected graduates of the Academy, there is also an opportunity to undertake internships or employment with Bird & Bird.

We hope that participating in the Bird & Bird ESG Academy will be a fantastic adventure for both our participants and us!

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