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With consumers becoming ever more concerned about the environmental impact of their purchasing, “green claims”, meaning claims suggesting that products or services have a positive or no impact on the environment or are less damaging than those of competitors, are increasingly being used by businesses in commercial communications, marketing and advertising.

In turn, regulators are continuing to place a greater focus on tackling “greenwashing”, the practice of giving a false impression of environmental impact or benefits. At the EU level harmonized rules for communicating and substantiating green claims are on the way: new provisions implementing the Empowering Consumers Directive shall apply starting from 27 September 2026 and the legislative process for adopting the Green Claims Directive is in progress. Until these new and harmonized rules are in place, the national approach to green claims varies from one country to the other.

Our Green Claims tracker is aimed at helping you to navigate the different national laws and guidelines on green claims applicable in a selection of countries in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the UAE as well as in the US. You can obtain information by clicking on a country from the list below. The tracker, which will be updated regularly, also provides details of the team's key contacts in each country. For more information, feel free to get in touch with them.

Explore the rules on green claims that are already in force in each of the countries in green below:

Green Claims Trackers


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