Green claims

Sustainability is no longer a buzz word. Consumers around the world are paying ever-greater attention to the environmental impact of the products and services they purchase.

Regulators are developing a growing body of rules governing green claims. The consequences of infringement vary from PR disaster to hefty penalties. The rules vary from one country to the next, with stricter jurisdictions sometimes contrasting with more relaxed approaches. For businesses seeking to reach a global consumer audience, the inconsistency in approach can be challenging. 

Our enthusiastic team of experts have been at the forefront of regulatory developments and regularly support our clients in staying on the right side of the new rules without defaulting to the strictest regulatory approach. We advise on all aspects of green claims regulation including through advertising, marketing and also labelling and packaging. 

We'll assist you with compliance of international advertising campaigns featuring green claims, supporting you through investigation by regulatory bodies, reviewing slogans for compliance with green claims regulations, responding to RFIs from regulatory bodies, and carrying out compliance audits of green claims.

We recognise that more and more brands are placing sustainability at the heart of everything they do and we'll work with you to market your achievements in a compliant way.

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