Book Launch: "Autonomous Vehicles and Civil Liability in a Global Perspective"

The rapid development of autonomous vehicles poses new challenges not only for the automotive industry, but also for the legal system. How will manufacturers and drivers be held liable when control of the vehicle becomes increasingly automated? The book "Autonomous Vehicles and Civil Liability in a Global Perspective" offers the first-ever coverage and comparative analysis of the civil liability regulations that exist in a wide variety of countries across the world in relation to vehicles and their driving functions at all levels of automation according to the SAE J3016 standard. It helps to understand the legal differences and similarities and provides valuable insights for future legislative adjustments.

Topics and Benefits

  • Technical Introduction: Detailed presentation of the design and operation of self-driving vehicles
  • Country-Specific Chapters: Uniformly structured analyses of liability regulations in different jurisdictions for easy comparison
  • Comparative Analysis: Detailed examination of the similarities and differences in liability systems worldwide 
  • Future Perspectives: Concrete recommendations for legislative changes at both national and international levels

Target Audience

This book is aimed at legal scholars, lawyers and experts from the automotive industry who are involved in the development, manufacture, distribution and operation of self-driving vehicles.

The handbook is available here

Author and Co-Editor: Benjamin von Bodungen

Publication Year: May 2024


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