Product compliance and liability

Getting a product to market involves navigating a course through increasingly complex product standards, safety and environmental legislation. But it's not just manufacturers who need to be aware of product compliance issues - product safety and environmental obligations apply throughout the supply chain and commonly impact importers, distributers and retailers.

At Bird & Bird we understand the importance of getting product compliance issues right at the outset, as reducing time and cost to market for new products and minimising the 'regulatory overhead' of expanding into new markets is often a key commercial advantage. However we also understand the consequences of non-compliance and are ready to protect clients: for example, unforeseen environmental and safety issues can give rise to risks that need to be carefully managed to ensure they don't expose the business to additional costs, significant liability or reputational damage.

Bird & Bird's Product Compliance & Liability Practice supports manufacturers, importers, distributors and customers in a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, IT, consumer electronics, luxury goods and chemicals – not only to ensure their compliance with regulatory requirements but also to achieve maximum benefit and market advantage from their responsibilities and obligations and support them when problems arise. We also work closely with colleagues in Bird & Bird's Automotive and Medical Devices groups who have extensive experience supporting clients with products in these highly regulated areas.

Our approach, whilst built on an in-depth understanding of the relevant industry sector and associated regulatory landscape, has a strong practical and commercial focus. We give clear explanations of complex issues, robustly promote and defend our clients' interests and add value wherever possible to their business. Our international reach also means we have significant experience in providing a joined up response to product compliance and liability issues affecting multiple markets. It allows our clients to benefit from our hands-on experience of dealing with regulators across a wide range of jurisdictions.

Product Compliance Specialists

Bird & Bird's Product Compliance specialists regularly advise clients on product stewardship issues including:

  • Safety and standard legislation affecting product design, manufacture, testing, marking and labelling;
  • Regulations governing chemicals and hazardous substances; and
  • Environmental legislation covering the disposal of products.

Product Liability Specialists

Bird & Bird's Product Liability specialists regularly advise clients on:

  • Market surveillance and product recalls;
  • Bringing or defending product liability claims, whether in contract, tort or on the basis of strict liability
  • Managing product liability risk (both civil and criminal) throughout the supply chain; and
  • Issues surrounding product liability insurance.
See our Product Compliance & Liability Brochure

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Apr 11 2019

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