Product compliance and liability

Getting a product to market involves navigating a course through increasingly complex product standards, safety and environmental legislation. But it's not just manufacturers who need to be aware of product compliance issues - product safety and environmental obligations apply throughout the supply chain and commonly impact importers, distributers and retailers.

Any business which manufactures, imports or distributes products in any territory around the world needs to understand the regulatory landscape which exists for that type of product.

The regulatory landscape can encompass a range of frameworks relating to product safety, environmental protection, packaging, waste and recycling. Understanding these frameworks, the requirements for the products and the obligations placed on those in the supply chain is of fundamental importance.

Our job is to help manufacturers, importers, and distributors understand and comply with the often varied and complex regulatory requirements which apply to their business and their products throughout the product lifecycle.

We have advised clients from a vast array of different industries, including life sciences & medical devices, aerospace & defence, consumer electronics, homeware & furniture, machinery, toys and packaging. To allow us to do this, we have first-class sector-specific experts to ensure that clients are advised and supported by teams with specific knowledge of the intricacies of the technology and market in those sectors.

Whilst robust compliance is always the goal, we are also here to support clients if an issue arises. The consequences of non-compliance can be severe, including investigations & enforcement action by regulators, product recalls, corporate criminal sanctions, as well of course as product safety and contractual claims, together with the associated reputational damage. Swift responsive action is almost always essential in such circumstances, and our team of experts (including litigators and reputational management specialists) are there to help guide clients through the steps that need to be taken.

Our Product Compliance & Liability practice complements Bird & Bird's sector focused approach and specialist expertise. We support manufacturers, importers, distributors and customers not only in ensuring their own compliance with regulatory requirements but also fully realising the market advantage that stems from compliance.


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