An inclusive culture, alongside a diverse workforce, makes us more innovative and agile.

The ability to connect the dots and leap to inspired solutions can’t be underestimated. We believe it is this pioneering approach that unlocks a world of opportunity. It’s what our clients value and it helps us to be the firm we want to be.  

To get there, we are committed to treating everyone with respect. We are keen to create an environment where everyone feels empowered and supported to succeed, knowing they can make a meaningful contribution to our firm, whoever they are. 

So, we work tirelessly to build a culture that makes it possible for our people, our clients, and our communities. We stay curious and work in a truly international environment. In enabling our people to get the best out of themselves, we give our clients access to a whole world of expertise and excellence.  

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) goals are embedded in our firmwide strategy. D&I is given continuous attention from our D&I Leadership Group. This body is composed of members of our Board and management bodies and is committed to achieving change. The goals are clear: 

To create an engaged, supported and committed workforce that mirrors the diversity of the world around us at all levels, including leadership. 

To ensure that our ways of working, policies and processes enhance the chances of a diverse range of people being successful.

Meet our D&I Leadership Group

pattie walsh Module

The inspirational writer Jacqueline Woodson said, ‘Diversity is all about all of us and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together’. I feel really strongly that we must each take responsibility for creating an environment where every single person feels respected, heard and valued.

Pattie M Walsh Partner

pauline kuipers Module

If I take a step back to think about what I want us to achieve, it is making Bird & Bird a place where people feel that they can be themselves. People should trust that they are valued for what they contribute. We should enable everyone to feel proud that Bird & Bird is our firm.

Pauline Kuipers Partner

gabriel voisin Module

The recipe for a successful organisation requires a melting pot of people from different backgrounds, comprising of teams and clients with an array of views and cultures. Overlook certain steps and your recipe is pointless. With this in mind, I am glad to be part of our firmwide D&I Leadership group to ensure with we shape our D&I trajectory in a meaningful way and see an impact at the end of our journey.

Gabriel Voisin Partner


I am passionate in my belief that people should feel part of the firm, be themselves and able to thrive, no matter who they are or what their background. I am delighted to be part of our efforts to make that a reality for all our people.

Aylie Ewing Chief People Officer

Jess Kaye

D&I sits at the core of who we are as a firm; it’s embedded in the way we behave, the decisions we make on a daily basis and the way we operate. Creating an environment where our people can thrive is not a ‘nice to have’- it’s crucial to the success of our business. I’m proud to work somewhere that takes D&I seriously, with a leadership who have a genuine commitment to making Bird & Bird a place where anyone can be successful.

Jess Kaye Head of Diversity, Inclusion & CR

sophie bowkett Module

Our clients constantly inspire and challenge us to move the needle on D&I – we’re grateful that they recognise and value the importance of a more inclusive legal industry. I’m excited for us to work in partnership with our clients to make change possible across all of our organisations.

Sophie Bowkett Chief Marketing Officer


I’m grateful for the opportunity to help the firm become a truly inclusive workforce where everyone feels valued, respected and recognised. As a former lawyer now working in business services, I’m particularly driven to see this inclusivity manifest itself in both parts of the business working together in tandem for the benefit of our clients.

Raya Blakeley-Glover Head of Business Development – Markets and Business Relationships

Sharing responsibility, driving change

In 2021, we worked hard to establish a consistent global D&I governance structure. The issues may be different in each of the countries we operate in, but a consistent structure with D&I leads in each country working on a local D&I plan adds up to a better global picture for us all. 

Our D&I Leadership Group sets the global D&I strategy for the firm and comprises of members of our Board and management bodies. 

Our D&I Advisory Group represents a cross-section of our firm globally, and advises the D&I Leadership Group on key global D&I decisions and plans, bringing diversity of thought and a range of alternative perspectives to the discussion.

Our Country D&I Leads spearhead the local D&I agenda, working with their local D&I Committees to create and implement local D&I plans. 

Initiatives from around the firm


Firmwide D&I Initiatives

Our employee Networks


Our multicultural employee-led network supports and celebrates the multicultural experience within the firm, raising awareness of cultural and historical moments of importance (such as Black History month) and giving back to multicultural communities through community engagement and assisting with diverse and inclusive recruitment to the firm. The network recently won The UK Diversity Legal Awards 2019 for Outstanding BAME Employee Network. Our multicultural activities are also supported by our membership with BiTC 'Race at Work' initiative.

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Our employee Networks


Our LGBT+ employee-led network creates education and awareness opportunities across the Firm in support of LGBT History Month and Pride and supports our diverse recruitment strategies.

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Gender pay gap report

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