Bird & Bird ranked as the leading global law firm for IT, Telecoms, Media and FinTech by Who’s Who Legal in 2022

Who’s Who Legal’s annual analysis of Information Technology, Telecoms & Media, and Data Privacy & Protection, once again ranks more Bird & Bird lawyers than any other international firm. Our lawyers also top the analysis for FinTech for the first time.

Bird & Bird retains the top ranking for Information Technology with 27 lawyers from our UK, EU, US and APAC offices recommended, we also lead the Telecoms & Media research with 13 individuals recommended. Our cross-sector strength is also recognised as we move to the top of the FinTech analysis for the first time with 8 recommended individuals across Europe.

We continue to be acknowledged for our strength in Data, Privacy & Protection with 21 recommendations, while our Space & Satellites expertise was also recognised with 4 lawyers ranked.

The Who’s Who Legal research methodology is “based on recommendations and feedback from eminent private practitioners in the sector or industry in question as well as from corporate counsel or other clients who have worked closely with the nominees… WWL’s guides do not list law firms, only individual lawyers and experts. The firms whose individuals receive the most nominations in the research are featured in our editorials.”

Numerous Bird & Bird lawyers were singled out for individual praise as “global leaders” in their field:


Annette Printz Nielsen is known to be ‘highly recommended by peers and clients alike’ particularly for her skill at being “very strong on payments” and also for her ‘experience advising fintech start-ups’. Lau Normann Jørgensen ‘possesses a wealth of experience in the IT sector’ and is also ‘highlighted by peers for his work on complex outsourcing projects.’


Sakari Halonen was described as a ‘well-recognised practitioner in the European market who is highly sought after for the first-rate advice he delivers to clients on complex cross-border transactions and IT contracts’. Pekka Takki has ‘over 25 years’ experience of advising a range of companies on technology and IT cases’, while having ‘particular expertise when it comes to contractual matters’. Tobias Bräutigam is considered an “excellent attorney”, who ‘stands out for being “very knowledgeable regarding academic work”.


Stéphane Leriche is an “internationally renowned tech lawyer”, who ‘impresses market sources with his expert advice on software, communications and cloud computing’. The similarly “internationally renowned” Ariane Mole has been recognised for her ‘vast experience of data protection disputes and significant GDPR expertise’.


Sven-Erik Heun has been recognised as a ‘deeply knowledgeable practitioner who specialises in all areas of regulatory compliance and outsourcing for clients in the telecoms sector’. Henriette Picot is a ‘renowned data specialist who is adept at handling complex privacy disputes and other related data security matters’. Michael Jünemann was commended for being a “very clear and precise” lawyer and praised for being “able to fit innovative technology into the regulatory framework”.


‘Finance specialist’ Stefano Febbi is ‘identified as a standout practitioner who regularly advises tech clients on regulatory issues’.


Marjolein Geus is ‘renowned’ for her ‘well-respected practice in the telecoms and media space which covers the full range of contentious and non-contentious issues’.

United Kingdom

Ruth Boardman was recognised as a Global Elite Thought Leader and was described as ‘an absolute expert on GDPR’ matters. Graeme Maguire is recognised as a ‘go-to name for his top-notch advice on the full spectrum of transactional matters involving communications companies’. Jonathan Emmanuel ‘sits among England’s most distinguished lawyers’, he is ‘well versed across the full gamut of disruptive digital technology’. Roger Bickerstaff ‘stands out’ for his software industry client work, and also for his ‘leading expertise in public sector IT contracts’. Graham Smith is a ‘leading data lawyer’ in the UK, where he ‘enjoys a stellar reputation for his deep knowledge of copyright and liability issues, particularly when it comes to the internet.’ Graham is also recommended for his Privacy & Protection work, as he is praised for being ‘a “greatly knowledgeable” practitioner with profound expertise in IT disputes and data privacy issues’. Frédérique Dupuis-Toubol is a ‘highly regarded’ lawyer and has been offering telecoms sector clients ‘first-rate advice on regulations for over 25 years’.

Regional breakdown:


Hamish Fraser (Information Technology)

Jim FitzSimons (Information Technology/Australia & New Zealand - Data)

Shane Barber (Telecoms & Media)

Sophie Dawson (Australia & New Zealand - Data)

Thomas Jones (Telecoms & Media)


Benoit Van Asbroeck (Information Technology/Telecoms & Media)

Scott McInnes (Fintech)


Gigi Cheah (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology)


Annette Printz Nielsen (Fintech)

Jan Ussing Andersen (Information Technology/Data Privacy & Protection/Telecoms & Media)

Jesper Langemark (Data Privacy & Protection/Data Security/Information Technology)

Lau Normann Jørgensen (Information Technology)

Martin von Haller Grønbæk (Data Security/Information Technology/Fintech)

Nicolai Dragsted (Information Technology)


Pekka Takki (Information Technology/Telecoms & Media)

Sakari Halonen (Information Technology)

Tobias Bräutigam (Data Privacy & Protection)


Ariane Mole (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology)

Jean Claude Vecchiatto (Space & Satellites)

Stéphane Leriche (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology)

Willy Mikalef (Space & Satellites)


Alexander Duisberg (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology)

Fabian Niemann (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology)

Henriette Picot (Data Privacy & Protection/Data Security)

Johannes Wirtz (Fintech)

Jörg-Alexander Paul (Information Technology)

Markus Körner (Germany - Data)

Michael Jünemann (Fintech)

Sven-Erik Heun (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology/Telecoms & Media/Space & Satellites)

Valerian Jenny (Telecoms & Media)


Adriano D'Ottavio (Data Privacy & Protection)

Massimiliano Mostardini (Information Technology)

Stefano Febbi (Fintech)


Jeroen van der Lee (Information Technology)

Marjolein Geus (Telecoms & Media)

Paul Waszink (Telecoms & Media)

Roelien van Neck (Information Technology)


Izabela Kowalczuk-Pakuła (Data Privacy & Protection)

Sławomir Szepietowski (Fintech)

Tomasz Zalewski (Information Technology/FinTech)


Stefan Bernhard (Sweden - Data)

United Kingdom

Frédérique Dupuis-Toubol (Information Technology/Telecoms & Media)

Graeme Maguire (Telecoms & Media)

Graham Smith (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology/Telecoms & Media/Data Security)

James Mullock (Data Privacy & Protection/Information Technology)

Jonathan Emmanuel (Fintech)

Michelle Chan (Information Technology/Telecoms & Media)

Nicholas Puschman (Space & Satellites)

Roger Bickerstaff (Information Technology)

Ruth Boardman (Data Privacy & Protection)

United States

Kai Westerwelle (Information Technology/Data Privacy & Protection/Data Security)

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