Is your organisation actively considering its security position? Discover how our CyberBox solution can enhance your security measures

With cyber incidents now a permanent feature of global business and generative AI transforming cyber risk, companies of all sizes and from all sectors are bracing themselves for the inevitable intrusion into their network. Every organisation needs to consider its security position and the potential impact.

To assist organisations in addressing the risk of cyber-attacks, we have developed our bespoke comprehensive CyberBox offering.

What is CyberBox?

CyberBox is a multidisciplinary task force led by Bird & Bird that provides a complete support solution to clients who are addressing the risk of a cyber-attack.

CyberBox focuses not only on providing the most skilled level of response to a cyber incident, but also on the development and implementation of cyber resilience programmes to support clients' regulatory compliance requirements and to significantly improve their capability to respond to and mitigate the effects of a major cyber incident.

We tailor our CyberBox offering to meet the unique requirements and preferences of your organisation. The flexibility offered by the service means that we are able to adapt to changes that your organisation experiences to ensure we provide the most efficient service possible.

To access our CyberBox brochure please click here.

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