Exploitation of digital rights & assets across the world is vast and growing – navigating the regulatory landscape

Digital information, data, content, currencies and online reputations are some of the most valuable parts of the asset base of many businesses worldwide. These digital assets are often essential to the effective understanding, management, operation and growth of enterprises and should be at the forefront of company plans to derive maximum benefit from the digital ecosystem of interconnected devices built on ultrafast connectivity.

Regulators across the globe are currently developing strategies to address the challenges of the digital economy. At a time of intensifying regulatory activity in the digital & tech sector, the APAC region is seeking to align itself with international developments, and effective digital asset management is commonly a core component of compliance.

These regulatory developments present opportunities, and will also require changes to operational practices, for a wide range of businesses. They will also require significant compliance efforts from organisations engaging in the APAC digital sector. To help you navigate this evolving digital regulatory landscape we have brought many of these initiatives together with our “Digital APAC Developments Tool” 

We also have a European version of this publication, covering the latest developments involving data, crypto assets, AI as a digital assets, privacy and data protection, cyber security and digital identity and trust services, click here to access the guide.

Bird & Bird experts are ready to advise and support companies and organisations in understanding the new digital regulatory landscape, explaining how the various initiatives interact and mesh with the current legal framework, identifying the opportunities it presents and what needs to be done to comply with the new rules.

Click here to access the digital APAC developments tool guide

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