The government presented a new media proposal on 3 February 2022

The plan calls for a strong focus on digital media development on the part of the authorities and legislators. The local and regional media must be strengthened, there must be an increased focus on ensuring democratic control of the tech giants, and an increased focus on young people and on more Danish content.

A key message during the presentation was the intention to ensure democratic control of the tech giants. To this end, the government will officially ask the tech giants to share information about their algorithms and their impact on Danish society and culture. Transparency and stronger cooperation with the Tech giants is to be established.

The government wants Denmark to have an increased focus on tech giants' regulation of Danish public service media content, so that media covered by the Media Responsibility Act cannot have their content deleted on digital platforms. At the same time, Danish public service media, and local and regional media must be strengthened to ensure a more prominent role and to make them more relevant and easily accessible on digital devices such as Apple TV and Android TV.
The government also proposes that streaming services pay a cultural contribution of 5% of their turnover in Denmark. The contribution will ensure a larger public service pool and a greater subsidy for Danish films and productions with a Danish character.

DR (the national public service broadcaster) and DR's digital public service offerings and platforms are also proposed to be strengthened and made more accessible and relevant for young people. The government also proposes to end the political appointment of board members, so that DR will have a strong and independent board. In addition, local and regional media are to receive a larger share of the media subsidies. They should be supported in their digital adaptation and strengthened through adjustment of the media subsidies. Furthermore, the government proposes that media subsidies be revised to make it easier to obtain subsidies for images, sound, innovation and less qualitative media.

Finally, the government proposes to increase the focus on young people and their rights, the enforcement thereof and media responsibility. Among other things, the government proposes a media ombudsman and that bloggers and influencers should be able to be held liable in an editor-like manner.

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