The impact of the EU digital initiatives on the creation, exploitation of and access to digital rights and assets

Digital information, data, content and currencies are some of the most valuable parts of the asset base of many businesses worldwide. At a time of intensifying regulatory activity in digital asset governance, effective digital asset management is commonly a core component of compliance and positive reputation management.

Regulators across the globe are currently developing strategies to address the challenges of the digital economy. The European Union is introducing ground-breaking new rules to regulate online platforms and the use of artificial intelligence, among other issues, as part of its Digital Single Market strategy. These regulatory developments present opportunities and will also require changes to operational practices for a wide range of businesses. They will also require significant compliance efforts from organisations engaging in the European digital space. Earlier in the year, we launched a Digital Rights & Assets European Digital Strategy Developments tool guide to help you navigate through the changing landscape of digital regulations (click here for more information). We have recently updated the tool guide, click here to access; the tool covers the latest developments in data as a key asset, crypto assets, AI as a digital asset, privacy and data protection, cybersecurity, digital identity & trust services and consumer regulation.

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