Global Cookie Review (4th edition)

Welcome to our Global Cookie Review. Here we provide a global overview of the legal and regulatory landscape relating to the use of cookies and similar technologies. We will regularly update the Global Cookie Review with new developments and trends, together with analysis of additional territories.

This Global Cookie Review covers key legal frameworks across the globe and answers some of the key questions that are important to consider when looking to make use of these technologies. These considerations apply equally whether these frameworks are specific to cookies or more broadly applicable to personal data but mapping across to the use of cookies and the data collected through such technologies.

Cookies and similar technologies are very commonly used as part of targeted advertising through the use of AdTech. Globally, AdTech as a sector is under increasing scrutiny from regulators and, as such, the provision and use of AdTech comes with additional considerations, whether relating to cookies or more broadly. We are also seeing seismic shifts in the industry on the horizon, driven by commercial changes throughout the ecosystem. As a result, we have specifically included notes on the use of these technologies in an AdTech context and we anticipate significant additional considerations to be addressed in this Global Cookie Review in the future.

Navigate your way through key jurisdictions using the link below. If you have any questions about the content, please get in touch with our Head of Adtech, Alex Dixie.

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