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Innovate or die. Publishers are experiencing this more than ever. After digitization forced declining revenues, many came back fighting with new business models. While social media platforms opened up the door to huge audiences, they are likewise formidable competitors in the advertising market.

Now the klaxon call starts again as targeted advertising and other forms of artificial intelligence threaten to rewrite the rules of publishing. Add to this a rapidly changing regulatory environment, growing concerns around content liability and privacy compliance and you have an industry that can't afford to sit still.

Working alongside you, we'll help you tackle the big issues of the day and get the right outcome. From the topics of freedom of speech and fake news to the effects of aggregation, scraping, hyperlinking or data mining – our passion for this fascinating industry shines through. We'll keep track of all the latest technical and legal updates with you, so you're free to focus on your business. 

Our expertise in copyright, data protection, e-commerce and licensing will help keep your business competitive. When things get tough, our high level litigation expertise – including defamation and freedom of speech claims - and regulatory know-how ensures a speedy resolution.


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