Broadcasting digitised a couple of decades ago, but the real revolution is yet to come. The market is diversifying and power is shifting between enterprises and viewers like never before. Accessible technologies for creating and distributing content are available to all. Organisations are using data to target viewer consumers in extraordinary ways. Globalisation, liberalisation and massive investment in brilliant content are driving significant change.

In a complex and highly-competitive industry, our broadcasting team can help you develop and implement strategies for using content, technology and data to compete for hundreds of billions of dollars of brand money, grow mass subscriber bases and connect brands with consumers. We are retained by household-names, fast-growth disruptors and start-ups - many are key suppliers, content creators and business partners whose innovations enable the industry's leading services.

We provide services and solutions founded on a strong combination of technical excellence and deep industry insight. We understand evolving technologies, business models and the legal and regulatory environments in which you operate. Exceptional "how-to" knowledge enables us to structure and deliver complex, often international, transactions and projects.

We can be your legal and strategic consultative partners in the following areas:

  • Transactions, projects and transformations – with particular strategic and advisory expertise with entrepreneurial, fast-growth and internationalising businesses
  • Media corporate – M&A, financing, joint ventures, restructuring
  • Media rights and content for creation, financing, acquisition, strategies, sophisticated / innovative distribution, with particular expertise in sports media
  • Media technology – for infrastructure, capacity and telecommunications (including regulatory), new technology and innovation (AI, machine learning, AR, VR and blockchain), outsourcing, technology protection, security
  • Data – the compliant use and protection of large volumes of personal data and metadata
  • Intellectual property – in broadcasting and content, including format rights, data rights and broadcasting technology patents
  • Broadcast licensing and regulation – securing licences, jurisdictional issues, compliance and application of regulation to new technologies and models
  • Video and broadcast advertising, sponsorship and other commercial content – for brands and inventory owners, compliance, innovative techniques and technologies
  • Media dispute resolution – commercial, corporate, IP and regulatory disputes including broadcasting complaints and investigations, anti-piracy and enforcement, handling contentious content including defamation and reputational harm
  • People in the broadcast and content industries – full-service HR support, including significant human change
  • Competition – law, policy and strategy in the content distribution industries
  • Pre-broadcast content clearance – ensuring that content complies with national and international broadcasting regulations

To learn more about how we can help please get in touch with Richard McMorris.

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