Responding to regulators, competitors and consumers

If you operate a social media business, the scale of the legal challenges you face is virtually unrivalled. Fast-growth no longer just describes your industry, but also the response and the push-back you’re facing from regulators, competitors and consumers. 

The regulatory landscape in which you’re operating is rapidly shifting, the commercial opportunities presented to you constantly evolve, and you’re increasingly a target for litigation and investigations around the globe. Technology may be the building blocks of your business, but data in all its forms is the glue which holds those blocks together. Consumer protection and data privacy issues are key concerns, competition considerations grow as you do, and the exciting prospects of increased revenue via creative adtech ventures, for example, are accompanied by the need to navigate the evermore complex laws surrounding such activity.

We love to grow with our clients, helping with the immediate challenges but also contributing to the longer-term strategies. We have experts who not only know the law in the areas you need, but also understand it in the specific context of your industry. Moreover, we have those experts in all the major markets in which you operate or are seeking to, so we can steer you through the vastly varying legal and regulatory landscapes around the world. Whatever the issue - new laws relating to content liability, data protection compliance requirements, the sourcing of infrastructure or corporate expansion – we can connect you with the right lawyer to help make sure your business is operating at its best.

Get in touch with one of the team below to find out more.   

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