Competition & Regulatory Investigations

Investigations by competition and regulatory authorities are some of the most disruptive and stressful events in the life of a global business, and can have a significant impact on reputation, revenue and value.

We have exceptional experience of managing these investigations so as to minimise disruption and damage. Our team includes former regulators and in-house counsels, industry experts and forensic IT experts, all of whom understand the workings of global businesses as well as the procedures, practices and tools of the regulators. This allows us to offer proactive advice and support to businesses under investigation, helping you to navigate the process and secure the best possible outcomes.

Dawn Raids

At the very start of the process, the team can assist you in any type of dawn raids, including raids by competition authorities, data protection authorities, tax and financial authorities and public prosecutors. In addition to advising you on the immediate practical issues such as the review of electronic evidence, legal privilege, the treatment of devices, interviews and searches, we also provide the vital strategic analysis and early risk assessment that will inform the approach to the investigation and the response to the regulator. We often provide tailored dawn raid response plans in preparation for an investigation, reducing the risk of inadvertent and potentially costly obstruction of the authorities. Our Dawn Raid app and Dawn Raid game perfectly illustrate our creative and proactive approach in this area.

View a Demo video of our eLearning course on Dawn Raid investigations

Ongoing Investigations

Expert handling is also required for ongoing investigations, with frequent requests for information, often with large quantities of data to sift for evidence and with a need to present clear and compelling argument to the regulators. We have extensive experience of representing our clients in cartel proceedings, including handling multijurisdictional leniency applications, and investigations into abuses of dominance, before EU and national competition authorities. We are one of the few law firms able to defend clients in competition cases on a pan-European basis including in Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe. With our Forensic Services team, we have the ability to advise clients in challenging situations, such as in internal investigations requested by management or owners, regulatory inquiries and investigations conducted by law enforcement authorities, as well as in disputes and due diligence reviews.

Financial regulatory investigations

We also have considerable experience of representing clients in investigations by banking and financial authorities with regard to the provision of investments services, fund management, market abuse, anti-money laundering, banking matters and other financial regulatory issues. Banks and other financial intermediaries are assisted with a view to prevent the opening of sanction proceedings or other measures affecting operation. To reach this aim a crucial part of the work is to define and implement remediation plans detailing organisational measures and controls to address critical issues and strengthen clients' business. We are also constantly involved in the most important enforcement proceedings and litigation cases arising from investigations: a highly specialised defensive work on infringements alleged by regulators is of the utmost importance in avoiding sanctions on clients and their management.

Drawing on our in-depth experience of real-life investigations, we are able to conduct mock investigations into our clients, in order to test compliance protocols, assess risks and identify how to minimise them.

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