UK Digital Strategy Developments

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace and digitalisation becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life, the UK’s digital regulatory frameworks is evolving. The UK recognises the crucial importance of embracing digital innovation and encouraging investment whilst balancing the rights and interests of individuals and privacy and is developing a range of policies, laws, and strategies designed to effectively govern the use of digital technologies. 

Bird & Bird has developed a practical guide to the key regulatory developments.

The UK's approach to digital regulation spans a wide spectrum of areas, including data privacy, cybersecurity, online safety, AI, and competition within various sectors. The UK has made significant efforts to create a secure and thriving digital environment, resulting in the development of a diverse range of legislative and regulatory measures. With so many different regulations emerging in this area, what should you pay attention to?

Within this guide, we will help you navigate through the latest developments in digital regulation in ten key areas, explain their relevance to your circumstance and outline the steps that are being undertaken.

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AI regulation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already reshaping our society and our economy.

Cryptoasset regulation

The financial regulatory environment in the UK in relation to cryptoassets is in the process of significant change.


An initial flurry of activity in the cybersecurity space in the UK has left the industry at a pause in anticipation of more concrete and updated legislation

Data policy and regulation

Although the focus on data in the EU has been coined Europe’s “Digital Decade”, it is important to understand that similar motivation, attention and policies can be seen across UK regulators.

Digital competition regime

On 25 April 2023, the UK’s Digital Markets, Competition and Consumer Bill (“Bill”) was finally put before Parliament.

Digital consumer regulation

The introduction of administrative fines available to regulators in the UK, EU member states and Australia.

Digital identity and trust

The UK Government has been developing the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework (“UK DIATF”)


New technologies are having an impact on the ePrivacy space with communication providers offering new and innovative services and existing legislation falling behind these new capabilities.

Online safety

The Online Safety Act seeks to regulate online providers of user-to-user content and search, as well as providers of pornography

Telecoms and connectivity

Strengthened telecoms security measures have been adopted and telecoms providers must take steps to ensure compliance.

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Digital Rights and Assets

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Digital Rights and Assets

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