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European Digital Strategy Developments

The number of digital rights & assets in existence across the world is vast and growing

Data, content, currencies and online reputations are some of the most valuable parts of the asset base of many businesses worldwide.

These digital assets are often essential to the effective understanding, management, operation and growth of organisations, and are at the forefront of organisations’ thinking as they look ahead to a world of interconnected devices and ultrafast connectivity.

The European Commission has a range of initiatives in motion in the digital space, covering a broad range of topics including intellectual property (IP Action Plan), accessibility (European Accessibility Act) and consumer law (New Consumer Agenda). Of particular note, its “European Digital Strategy” for the period until 2025 sets out four overarching aims:


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Technology that works for people

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A fair and competitive digital economy

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An open, democratic and sustainable digital society

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Setting Europe as a global digital player

At a time of intensifying regulatory activity in digital asset governance, effective digital asset management is commonly a core component of compliance and positive reputation management. But with so many moving parts in this field, what do you need to be aware of?

In this guide we’ll take you through the latest developments in each of these areas, how they could be relevant to you and the next steps that are being taken.

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Data as a key digital asset

Crypto assets

AI as a digital asset

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