Dispute Resolution COVID-19 Briefings:

UK: Supreme Court unanimously finds in favour of policyholders in landmark COVID-19 business interruption insurance test case >

UK: Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020: temporary COVID-19 measures further extended >

Cross-border: Business Interruption insurance and COVID-19: the state of play in various jurisdictions >

UK: High Court decides that timing of coronavirus restrictions was not a relevant force majeure event entitling termination of aircraft lease >

UK: High Court rules in favour of insurer on physical damage in COVID-19 business interruption insurance claim >

Singapore: Recent amendments to the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 >

Cross-border: A vaccine for COVID-19: risks and liabilities from an international perspective >

Cross-border: International Business Interruption Tracker > 

UK: Coronavirus and Business Interruption (BI) Insurance: do you have coverage? >

France: Ordinance No. 2020-560 dated 13 May 2020 – New adjustment of the procedural deadlines in the context of the national state of health emergency >

France: A Toolkit for businesses to help manage contractual relationships governed by French law >

Czech Republic: & LEX COVID & Measures for Court and Enforcement Proceedings >

Hong Kong and Mainland China: Force Majeure & COVID-19 & You >

UK: English court provides guidance for COVID-19 related extensions of time >

Sweden: Consequences for dispute resolution>

France: COVID-19 cash flow management: solutions to be implemented now before the Courts >

Czech Republic: Consequences for dispute resolution >

Spain: Consequences for dispute resolution >

Singapore: courts and law firms subject to circuit-breaker measures with limited exceptions >

Germany: Consequences for dispute resolution >

Singapore: Temporary Relief for Inability to Perform Contractual Obligations due to the COVID-19 Situation >

Cross-border: Status of the IPO & Courts >

France: How to best manage your disputes during court closures >

Netherlands: Consequences for dispute resolution >

Netherlands: What if COVID-19 makes paying and collecting debts problematic >

Cross-border: Force majeure, and beyond: Other contractual and related issues on COVID-19 >

Cross-border: What's the impact of coronavirus on international arbitration? >