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As an associate in our International HR Services Group, I work with our clients on all aspects of labour law, both in an advisory capacity and in litigation.

I assist and advise French and international companies on the diverse issues they may encounter in the course of their business in France, including collective matters (restructuring operations, negotiation, monitoring relations with employee representatives and trade unions) as well as individual matters (handling individual cases and preventing or solving litigation).

My ambition is to support our clients with an approach that is both reassuring and pragmatic, by providing them with solutions which fit their operational needs. Having worked for a great variety of clientele ranging from very small businesses to the largest of multinationals, my previous experiences have enabled me to better appreciate the needs of all the different companies that make up the French and international economic landscape.

I put communication and exchange at the heart of my concerns and am mindful of providing fluid communication and being an active listener for our clients, with the aim of finding a shared solution and assisting them efficiently in the implementation of their projects. To this end, I strive to simplify French labour law - without ever distorting it - in order for companies to better grasp the legal and cultural environment in which they operate.

I am convinced that a proper understanding of one's environment is key to effective decision-making. I have a great interest in new technologies and innovation which allows me to fully comprehend the challenges of the modern era and the resulting needs and expectations, as well as risks, for our clients.


  • Lycée Juliette Récamier - Two-year preparatory classes : Ecole Normale Supérieure Rennes D1
  • Université Lyon 3 - University diploma in French law
  • Université Lyon 3 - Masters 1 degree in Employment law
  • Université Lyon 3 - Masters 2 degree in Employment law & Labour relations
  • Ecole des Avocats de la Région Rhône-Alpes (French Bar School) - CAPA


  • Lyon Bar Association in 2022

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