As an information and communications law specialist, I advise in relation to communications, technology, data protection, IP and media.

I regularly provide advice in situations where highly innovative products face regulatory issues, in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, information security and 'Over The Top' (OTT) services in telecommunications and media. I am proficient in designing contracts and experienced both as a negotiator and a litigator.

I am a member of the German Bar Association's Committee for Information Law and of the IAPP's European Advisory Board. I regularly teach and speak on topics such as communications regulation, data protection and the future of broadcasting.

One of my professional interests is 'Legal Tech' and the current transformation of the legal profession.

  • Three years as an in-house lawyer for a large German broadcaster.
  • Former head of a campus radio station and founder of the well-known German weblog 'Telemedicus'.
  • Regularly advising companies in the fields of telecommunications regulation in relation to, inter alia, telecommunications surveillance, numbering, frequency assignment and market regulation.
  • Acting for the largest internet exchange node in the world, the DE-CIX, against the German Federal Intelligence Service BND in relation to mass communications surveillance.
  • Managed a number of GDPR projects for large and medium-sized companies in business sectors such as technology, aviation and finance, and regularly advise these companies on data protection matters.
  • Acting for the mobile network operator Telefónica in relation to the 5G frequency auction 2019.
  • Post-graduate J.D. (Dr. jur.) equivalent from the University of Hamburg
  • Certified Information Privacy Professional Europe (CIPP/E) by the IAPP
  • Degree in 'Information, Telecommunications and Media Law' from the University of Münster
  • Admitted to the German bar as lawyer