As a certified employment specialist and partner in our Munich office, I lead a team that advises our national and international clients on individual and collective employment law, often with a cross-border dimension.

My practice centres on questions regarding the drafting of employment contracts, service contracts of the bodies of associations and freelancers, questions with regard to the termination of said contractual relationships and to the reorganisation of companies. I also provide advice on daily employment law issues, such as the assignment of external staff through contracts of work.

My clients come from a wide diversity of sectors including IT, personal services, chemicals, financial services, healthcare, apparel, media and mechanical engineering.

As well as advising on restructurings, which includes international coordination, and setting up transfer companies, I also support outsourcing, business transfers and business acquisitions. In addition, I conduct cases and represent our clients before the labour courts and other courts of law.

  • Städtisches Klinikum München GmbH (Munich Municipal Hospital): Innovative project digitisation 4.0: procurement of services on temporary agency work (ANÜ) via an electronic internet-based platform in which >50 ANÜ service providers participate on the basis of a corresponding procurement procedure. The platform facilitates the transfer/conclusion of contracts relating to the hiring out of employees as temporary agency workers in electronical form through QES and eases work processes significantly. The platform considers the challenges of the AÜG reform (German Temporary Employment Act). It offers, in electronic form, for example legal certainty with regard to the requirements of the AÜG reform, an electronic timekeeping system, electronic invoicing and invoice verification.
  • Integrated Device Technologies Inc.: Comprehensive negotiations with WC relating to several shop agreements and adjustment of staffing levels.
  • Klinikum Mannheim GmbH Universitätsklinikum Medizinische Fakultät Mannheim der Universität Heidelberg (University Hospital, Medical Faculty Mannheim at Heidelberg University): Restructuring measures at subsidiary group Südhessischer Klinikverbund GmbH (South Hessian association of clinics), sale of two clinics and closing of one clinic (in each case provision of employment law advice).
  • Messe München GmbH: Advising on various questions both at a national and international level.
  • Amway GmbH: Preparation and support in connection with restructuring at the client's Munich business location; conducting negotiations with the client's works council regarding a social compensation plan and reconciliation of interests agreement; implementation of measures in cooperation with the HR department and general employment law advice.
  • Large American apparel company: Advising on downsizing the workforce, negotiations regarding termination/dismissal, restructuring of the company under employment law, restoration of profitability and leaner structures and ongoing employment law advice.
  • Large German high-tech company: Advising on complex compliance issues arising in connection with the work assignment of freelancers (approx. 750) who have been provided by agencies, including the introduction/improvement of assessment criteria for possible work assignments, the creation of suitable organisational structures, prevention of liability risks (issues which could arise in connection with social security, criminal and administrative offences, employment law); advising the purchasing department during the implementation and monitoring of such work assignments.
  • Japanese automotive supplier in Germany: Advising on the work assignment of freelancers (approx. 50 engineers and designers) who have been recruited/placed by agencies.
  • Legal studies at the University Göttingen (Germany) and the University of Almería (Spain)
  • Doctoral thesis on distribution law
  • Legal clerkship at the German embassy in Caracas (Venezuela)
  • Admitted to the German bar in 2001
  • Certified specialist lawyer for employment law