Bird & Bird host successful 'English Contract Law' seminar in The Hague


This year our Dutch office has established a partnership with the Dutch Association for In-House Counsel (NGB). The NGB organises seminars about current legal topics for its members, including senior and general counsel from different industries, including a number of clients as well as a significant group of interesting prospects. Bird & Bird The Hague has been selected to host four NGB seminars, offering our office a unique opportunity to showcase our expertise to this audience.

On 13 September, 2016 the third NGB Seminar took place at our office in The Hague around the topic of 'English Contract Law' (with a bit of Brexit of course). Ronald Hendrikx (Partner, London) and Roelien van Neck (Partner, The Hague) discussed with the delegates how seemingly similar contract language could have very different meanings.

More than 70 in-house counsel from various national and international organisations attended and participated in the event. For many in-house lawyers contracts governed by English law are a common occurrence and whilst the terminology in these contracts might seem familiar, the legal effect can be quite different from what one might expect based on Dutch law. This NGB seminar gave an introduction to English Contract Law explaining the principles and provided recent developments with practical examples.

Ronald and Roelien were very happy with the turnout and engagement by the audience. They commented: "It was great to have such an enthusiastic uptake of the seminar and both the discussions afterwards and response since have shown how important international contracting is and how we as a firm can help in-house counsel navigate all the small but crucial differences."

One participant said: "The content of the presentations was exactly what I expected. Spot on!"

Other delegates commented: "Very useful, excellent presentation."

The next NGB event will be held by Marcus Huisman and Philip Hartman on 8 December with the topic Employment Law.

For more information, please contact Ronald and Roelien.