Retail & Consumer team-members speak at “What’s Next – Beauty in 2021”

By Graeme Payne, James Fowler


In January 2021 Graeme Payne (partner, Commercial) and James Fowler (associate, Commercial) spoke at “What’s Next – Beauty in 2021”, a virtual beauty industry summit organised by consultancy Indie Beauty Delivers.

The summit, hosted over five days, saw 13 speakers offer insights into what 2021 will hold for beauty businesses, and how best to navigate an ever-changing industry.

In their session, Graeme and James explored how beauty brands can protect their businesses from a legal standpoint, and build a roadmap to help achieve their expansion plans. Their discussion touched on brand protection, D2C sales channels and influencer marketing, supply chain resilience, sustainability and ethical procurement, and preparing for investment.

The video, originally published on the event’s Facebook page, can be viewed here.