National copyright decisions round-up 2019 for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice

By Roman Brtka, Daniele De Angelis, Daria Gesicka, Troy Gurnett, Anna Kallio, Bettina Kovecses, Charlotte Haine, Balint Halasz, Andrea Jarolimkova, Sabrina Lodder, Teresa Mercadal, Shariqa Mestroni, Ella Mikkola, Clemens Molle, Mikko Nurmisto, Peer Petersen, Katie Rimmer, Martin Senftleben, Graham Smith, Michal Salajczyk, Edouard Treppoz, Benoit Van Asbroeck, Kajsa Zenk, Eleonora Rosati, Rebecca Fassihi


In 2019, national courts in individual EU Member States and in Australia delivered a series of important rulings in the copyright field. This contribution provides a round-up of the most significant judgments issued in the period 1 January—–31 December 2019.

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