COVID-19 - Impact on public procurement around the world

By Stuart Cairns, Peter Dann Jørgensen, Tomasz Zalewski, Raquel Ballesteros, Janneke Kohlen, Simone Caddeddu


COVID-19 has disrupted a number of sectors on an international scale. At Bird & Bird, we recognise that a significant proportion of our client base supplies governments/public sector customers across a number of different countries. Therefore, this short guide aims to provide a quick reference update to explain:

  • how COVID-19 has impacted public sector/government purchasing generally;
  • any political/legal measures which have been put in place to ensure that emergency supplies can be purchased expediently; and
  • any measures adopted to secure prompt payment and secure cash flows throughout supply chains.

While this guide does not cover every country around the globe, we have focussed on jurisdictions where our clients commonly supply public sector/government customers. If, however, you have specific queries relating to countries which are not covered within this guide, we would be pleased to hear from you and will do what we can to answer your queries. Similarly, if it would be helpful to discuss any of the issues raised within this guide in more depth, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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