Bird & Bird launches quirky 'Dawn Raid' game for clients to test preparedness as part of the firm's wider Compliance & Investigations initiative

International law firm Bird & Bird today launches a beta version of a quirky new game designed for clients to test how prepared they are in the event of a dawn raid. 

Following the successful launch of Bird & Bird's Dawn Raid App in April 2017, the new game further demonstrates Bird & Bird's commitment to innovative client-facing technology.  

The interactive game takes 15-20 minutes, and positions the player as an in-house employee who is at work when a dawn raid occurs. It's designed as a fun way for wider business groups to prepare their employees for a dawn raid and test their existing knowledge of what to do in certain situations. 

This initiative forms part of the firm's wider international and multi-disciplinary Compliance & Investigations offering, which brings together former regulators, in-house counsel and subject-matter experts who understand the workings of global business and what companies need to do in order to comply. The offering includes rapid response 24/7 and practical advice for clients to mitigate potential damage and business disruption, help establish compliance programmes, audit their effectiveness and conduct investigations. 

The international team advises on anti-bribery and corruption, competition/dawn raids and cartel leniency, anti-money laundering, international trade, trade law and sanctions, employment and whistleblowing, tax investigations, data protection and cyber security, defamation / reputational management, product compliance and criminal investigations and prosecutions. The offering highlights the use of technology to provide a robust and state of the art response to ensuring regulatory compliance.

This Dawn Raid Game is the latest innovative tool Bird & Bird has developed for clients as part of twoBirds Client Solutions; an online portal designed to help clients comply with the latest regulations. Other services include CyberBox, a one-stop-shop for cybersecurity needs; Baseline, a management consultancy joint venture that provides clients with a full Compliance Implementation Programme; and a Dawn Raid App, a compliance tool designed to guide businesses through the essential information they would need in the event of a dawn raid by antitrust authorities. 

Peter Willis, Partner and co-head of Bird & Bird's Compliance & Investigations team says:

"Regulatory investigations of various types are increasingly common around the world, and businesses large and small are becoming more aware of the risks.  Without proper preparation, investigations and dawn raids can cause huge disruption, and can be highly stressful for the individuals caught up in them.  Our interactive game is designed to help companies to prepare for these situations"

Peter Knight, Partner and co-head of Bird & Bird's Compliance & Investigations team adds:

"Having an effective compliance procedure is something which, until recently, wasn't always treated as a top priority. With regulators now ready to invoke increasingly heavy fines this is no longer the case and companies are being driven to re-consider their position in the event of an investigation."

Bird & Bird's Dawn Raid game is available to play here

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