Women in Tech: At the forefront of innovation - Key takeaways from Dr. Sonja Stuchtey, The Landbanking Group

We are delighted to launch our new Women in Tech series, where we will hear interesting stories from inspirational people leading the charge at the forefront of innovation.

In episode 4, we hear from Dr. Sonja Stuchtey, Co-Founder and Managing Director at impact-driven startup The Landbanking Group.

Interviewed by Corporate Counsel Andrea Schlote in Germany, Sonja discusses the current challenges and opportunities within the sustainable tech field - particularly around shifts in mindset in regards to nature equity and ESG. She also outlines her mission of finding entrepreneurial, scalable and tech-driven solutions to combat the increasing multi-crisis issue of nature loss and climate change.

Listen to the podcast here and read the key takeaways below. These themes encompass the core aspects discussed in the podcast, ranging from impact-driven entrepreneurship challenges to measurement methodologies and the broader context of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

  • Founding an Impact-Driven Startup: Sonja brings extensive experience as an impact entrepreneur, focusing on addressing global challenges like climate change and nature loss through innovative solutions.
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Tech: Sonja emphasises the importance of embracing diverse styles and perspectives in the tech industry. She encourages women in tech to carve their own paths, showcasing that success can be achieved while maintaining one's unique identity and approach
  • Challenges of Building a New Market: The LandBanking Group operates in a relatively new market focused on sustainable tech and nature equity. Unlike traditional tech startups that address existing pain points, they are pioneering a solution for systemic needs, which presents challenges in developing a robust business plan and finding like-minded investors and team members.
  • Measuring Impact: Traditional KPIs often used in venture capital markets may not be directly applicable in measuring the impact of sustainable tech initiatives. Instead, it’s important to focus on measuring ecological health and performance, and translate this into monetary terms or ‘nature equity’ for assessing impact.
  • Global Scaling and Expansion: The LandBanking Group has made significant progress, with an end-to-end platform launched in 2023, attracting the interest of various companies and suppliers. They plan to expand their offerings to include different ecosystems and regions, aiming for global impact.

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