Technology M&A review - Edition 1

A multi-jurisdictional team of Corporate Technology experts from Bird & Bird’s Nordic and Central European offices have contributed to the inaugural ‘Technology M&A Review’ book published by The Law Reviews. 

The book highlights similarities and differences between technology M&A and ‘normal’ M&A across sixteen countries. Bird & Bird’s team provided an overview for the M&A markets in Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary and Sweden.

Each chapter covered a range of topics including legal & regulatory frameworks, key transactional issues, purchase price regulations, data protection and a general market overview.  

Michael J Kennedy, editor of the book, commented that; “One of [the books] unstated premises is that because of technology’s importance, effective technology lawyering in M&A necessarily involves and requires a broad set of legal skills across many practice areas; and that requirement will likely increase as governments and interest groups from all spectrums focus on the sector.

Links to the Bird & Bird chapters are provided below: 

  • Sweden – Victor Stålblad [Senior Associate], Lucas Magnusson [Senior Associate], Karin Tukiainen [Associate], and Ahmed Al-Rahma [Associate]
    Click here to read this chapter

  • Finland – Maria Carlsson [Partner] and Johanna Rein [Associate] 
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  • Denmark – Filip Patrzalek Kaas [Associate]
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  • Hungary – Pál Szabó [Partner],  Eszter Gál [Associate] and Barnabas Simon [Associate]
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  • Czech Republic – Vojtěch Chloupek [Partner], Ľubomír Brečka [Associate], Radomír Pivoda [Associate], Jiří Švejda [Associate] and Martina Waliczková [Associate]
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